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About the Company

Haus of Catarina | Makeup for Weddings & Events

Welcome to Haus of Catarina, your go-to place for all your makeup needs in Atlanta, GA. Specializing in bridal and event makeup, we offer a plethora of makeup artistry styles from natural glam to sultry and smokey. At Haus of Catarina, we believe every person has their own unique story, and the makeup applied to them should reflect their own unique beauty.

We create customized looks that fit your unique needs for wedding makeup, engagement photos, maternity photos, anniversary makeup, film, tv, photography, or any other event you might be going to! For a list of service prices, please click here.

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About the Artist

Makeup Artist Chloe Catarina

Hello there,

My name is Chloe Catarina and I'm a makeup artist based out of Atlanta, GA. I first got my start in the makeup industry in 2013 and I've had the pleasure of working for a range of cosmetic companies such as Ulta Beauty, Sephora, and Too Faced Cosmetics.

The bulk of my makeup experience came from my 6 years working at Sephora where I was able to perfect my craft on a wide range of skin tones and face shapes on a daily basis. Working my way up from Makeup Artist to Senior Artist to Services Lead, I had worked with–and seen–it all and was ready to take on my next challenge! 

Makeup Application

Starting the business...

When I decided to leave the retail cosmetic industry, I naturally gravitated towards bridal and event makeup as a freelancer. Here, I was able to thrive in my favorite makeup artistry styles from natural glam to colorful cut-creases. Makeup is my passion and I pride myself on having a keen eye for detail. Your special day is my special day because you've entrusted me to make you look your very best. So, let's create some magic together!

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Tell Us More!

Outside of my makeup career, I am also an art student studying for my bachelor's degree in graphic design and writing.

I love all things branding, logos, and web design. As a preteen, I was bit by the coding bug when I was introduced to the wonderful world of MySpace. There, I uncovered my love for coding and web design which later led me to work with beauty bloggers around the world.

With my writing, I also aspire to be an author who writes crazy sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction novels one day!

My Must-Haves

Extra Things

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